Chefs Center

We started Coolhaus by making our ice cream sandwiches for our first food truck at Chefs Center for Coachella 2009. We currently have 70 employees, 11 trucks in California, Texas and New York, 2 brick and mortars in LA, and are sold in over 2,000 gourmet retailers like Whole Foods throughout the country. Thank you Chefs Center for getting us growing!

I was the Season 3 Kentucky Derby winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars in 2011 and returned again for Champions in 2012. With winning Cupcake Wars, I was able to start my first bakery in Glendale, CA in 2011 with the money from my victory. Instead of building a full kitchen, I found Chefs Center and started baking there. I currently have 6 employees and two bakeries in Glendale, CA and La Cañada Flintridge, CA. Thank you Chefs Center for getting us growing and sending us off to be a successful bakery with the skills and knowledge we needed to succeed!

In 2011, we handmade and delivered all of our Paleo meals to a small group of clients in the SouthBay. Now we have 6 employees and service all of Los Angeles and Orange County and continue to expand our offerings and locations.Thanks to Chefs Center for getting us started and helping us grow!

I rolled out my ice cream business in 2012. I did recipe development and produced my first batches of ice cream at Chefs Center. I currently have eight employees and a scoop shop in Los Angeles.Thank you Chefs Center, keep it churning!" Edward Belden, Founder, Peddlers Creamery

I am thankful to the Lord Jesus, that He had directed me to Chefs Center. I started baking on January 1, 2012 and initiated my baking business on April 4, 2012. Currently I am supplying several supermarkets, health stores, and selling in several farmers market in Los Angeles and Santa Monica area, and is rapidly expanding. Thanks so much Chefs Center for the support of Artworld Delicatessen's growth.

Chefs Center played a key role in helping me launch my business, Mother Moo Creamery. I used the facility to test run batches of ice cream and inclusions (who likes icy fruit in their ice cream?), plus the crew offered me insight, knowledge and the necessary courage to launch and succeed in business. In truth, I didn't know my way around a commercial kitchen until I stepped into Chefs Center. The Center provided me with a safe haven to try, fail, and try again before investing a huge amount of money in my brick and mortar. I've been in business four years and now employ eight employees. We honestly couldn't do it without Chef's Center!

When I first came up with the idea to start Nary Dairy - a company making fermented cashew cheese - I had no idea what to do. I was a comedy writer with zero experience in the food industry. Then I came upon a video on-line about Chefs Center. So I paid a visit. The list of permits and other requirements was daunting and, frankly, I didn’t think I’d obtain them all. But working with the Chefs Center as my prime resource, I knocked them off one-by-one until, VOILA, I was sanctioned to make and sell my unique product anywhere. Two years later, I work in Pasadena every week, making more and more of my product as Nary Dairy continues to grow. I don’t know if I could have gone into business without the help from Chefs Center.

In 2010 we got married, quit our jobs and decided to start a food business together. In 2011 we joined Chefs Center of California and began selling our Ma Jasmin's British Indian Gourmet in farmers markets around LA, along with catering events. After much success with the brand, we decided to diversify and open a British Fish & Chips shop in Alhambra - Hot Red Bus. In 2013 we were named Ten Best Fish & Chips in LA by LA Weekly and voted Best Fish & Chips in LA by LA HotList voters. We wouldn't be where we are today without the knowledge we acquired by cooking at Chefs Center and the support we found there from the staff and the other chefs!

I started my catering business at Chefs Center in 2012 and it has been an incredible two years! My daughter has since joined my team and we have one part-time employee! We are now at PC Greens in Malibu and have had many catering events with the City of Los Angeles in helping to coordinate events at MacArthur Park! Thank you Chefs Center for all your assistance and guidance!

I started working at Chefs Center professionally in 2011 when I incorporated my "Fine Chocolates and Confections" company. Not only has Chefs Center of California been a wonderful place to develop my recipes, understand production flow, and showcase my confections, but it has been a great home base for encouragement, education, and meeting new and inspiring people who have the same entrepreneurial spirit! Thank you so much, Chefs Center, for giving an artisan chocolatier a place to work and grow!

I started making almond milks and other baked goods in April of 2014. We are currently selling at the Altadena, Downtown Santa Ana, and soon to be DTLA The Wall farmers' markets! Thank you Chefs Center for helping us grow! It's a great place to meet other people in the industry and network! To many more!

I started my online cupcakery business with your help in July 2011, and we have booked 24 weddings this year alone! Thank you so much for being a great partner and adviser in making my cupcake business successful!


In 2011 the Pasadena Chefs Center was one of the first steps I took toward making my dream come true. Back then my company was just that: a dream. I started using the kitchen to make my sauce to introduce it to people at the street fair in Monrovia, CA. Today we are currently in twelve Whole Foods Stores. We are still very much a young company but growing every month thanks to the opportunity we discovered at the Pasadena Chefs Center. I feel I can speak for all those who have had some success with their own dreams; many of us would not have had the opportunity or the funds to hone our craft, build our confidence, and develop our businesses if it were not for places like Chefs Center. I would like to personally thank Pasadena Chefs Center’s staff for their encouragement, guidance and support.

Baby Bea’s Bakeshop began as a side projects back in 2012. Completely overwhelmed and unprepared by the number of orders during our first Christmas season, we sought out help from Chefs Center. Not only did they walk us though commercial baking procedures, but they offered business advice through their seminars as well. Baby Bea’s has grown significantly and is now operating out of our own commercial kitchen in North Hollywood. We have plans for opening our first retail location in the near future! Thanks Chefs Center and the team for helping us get things started right!

Thanks to Chefs Center, we went from an online “one man” business to a 24 employees small chain across California. Not only does Chefs Center offer access to a large variety of professional equipment at an affordable rate, but their staff also goes out of their way networking with their tenants, troubleshooting or brainstorming with them when necessary and helping them to get things done in an effective manner. For those who do not have a classical business background, Chefs Center is the ideal place to receive guidance from people experienced in operating and marketing a food based company.”

My partner and I started our little gourmet spice and artisan salt company at the Chefs Center in March of 2013, planning on just serving our local Venice community at its weekly Farmer's Market. Since then, and thanks in no small part to the guidance and support we've received from the fantastic staff at the Center, we've grown into a family business with 2 part-time employes. We now have the privilege of serving communities beyond Venice, with our products available in a number of Whole Foods and select gourmet food stores in the LA area. We're very grateful for the hand-up that Chef's Center gave us and the support that we continue to receive - it'd be impossible without you!

We started our first Gourmet Food at Chefs Center in September 2010. We now have 2 trucks that work in LA, Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties. We now employ 12 people plus extra on-call servers and prep cooks between the 2 trucks and catering. We still utilize Chefs Center’s kitchen for huge catering jobs during the holiday season. This is a great place to get any type of food preparation business started. The knowledgeable staff can assist with recipe and menu development as well as hosting packaging seminars, business mixers and social media informational meetings. THANK YOU CHEFS CENTER for helping us get started and continue to grow.

I opened my Catering business in March 10, 2010. I started working at Chefs Center in October 2012 which allowed me to grow so that I could take advantage of bigger and more frequent event opportunities. We started growing quickly and needed a reliable, safe, professional facility to conduct business. I outgrew another kitchen I was at previously to 2012. I currently have 2 employees, and I am providing event and catering services for large weddings, corporate events and more. Thank you Chefs Center for allowing me an opportunity to really take our company to the big leagues.

We started our catering business in 2012. I found myself knowing very little about the kitchen (as my background was sitting behind a desk before this). As I worked with other great entrepreneurs and their staff at the kitchen, I learned so much and in some weird way, they have become like family for me. Currently, I have 5 employees, and I am selling at Altadena farmers market and soon Studio City farmers market, as well as various food/music festivals in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County area.

I started working at Chefs Center when I founded my caramel business, Le Bon Garcon, in 2010. I am currently selling online to customers across the country and selling to several stores locally in Los Angeles, in Northern California, and in Arizona. I'm very excited to see that my hard work is finally paying off. Thank you, Chefs Center, for your help! None of this would have been possible without your support.

I started using Chefs Center in 2011. My first event was an outside event that Chefs Center hosted and it was held the weekend after the big wind storm and needless to say people were home cleaning up their yards. That did not stop me from pursing my dream. My film maker husband Jay aka/Mr Cupcake helps me out and you will often see him at the kitchen with me. You will find me at various events around LA including Williams-Sonoma Artisans Market. I have appeared on 2 local TV shows and have been on the radio 3 times, a lot more fun then working the corporate world. Thank you Chefs Center for helping me get my start.

I opened my Teahouse business in April, 2011, and we started working at Chefs Center in August, 2011 to make food items to sell for my Teahouse. I currently have 15 employees, and I am currently selling the food at Au79 Tea Express, 1671 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena. Thank you Chefs Center for getting us growing through out the years!



Bex Bakes

I started my Gluten Free Baking Business in 2013, and I started working at Chefs Center in November of 2013. I currently work with other small business owners to build my brand. You can find my baked goods in a few local markets/cafes such as Grassroots in South Pasadena and Swork in Eagle Rock! Because of Chefs Center, the classes offered and staff, I was able to go beyond baking and also develop, market, and sell my own Brown Rice Flour Blend! Thanks a bunch.

I couldn't have built Mac-n-Mo's Morselicious Treats into the business I have without Chefs Center’s staff! The Center made it more than possible to not only start my business, but inspired me to do so. I refer everyone I know who comes to me asking for advice in starting their food business. Chefs Center pointed me towards all the paperwork, certificates, packaging, filings, whole sale vendors, etc... you name it. I am proud to call myself a MORSELICIOUS Chefs Center Ambassador!"

We started our Gourmet Dumpling business in 2010. We started working at Chefs Center in 2012 to make food items to sell to the public. We currently are expanding towards local grocery stores and even Amazonfresh! If it wasn’t for Chefs Center we would not have made this possible!
Thank you Chefs Center!

I started my baking business in 2010, and began working at Chefs Center in September, 2010. I was able to sell my luscious baked goods to the public at various markets, schools, local businesses & the entertainment industry. I currently have two employees, as well as delivery service. Thanks to Chefs Center, Bread Hot Mama's clientele has rapidly increased within the last years. I'm proud to say that successful businesses like Good Eggs have expressed interest in carrying my baked goods during the holiday season. Thank you Chefs Center for allowing me to do what I love, provide knowledge on business growth, and for introducing me to businesses that see there is a DEMAND for Bread Hot Mama.

Elizabeth and I started Whoa Nelly Catering in 2010. We started with a small handful of clients and between the two of us, we were the prep cooks, the dishwashers, the chefs, and the front of house. We have since grown into a successful business with many full and part time employees, our own commercial kitchen, a private tasting room, two separate catering brands, and are producing around 50 weddings in a year and countless other private and corporate events. We could not have gotten this kind of a business off the ground without the help of Chefs Center. It allowed us to grow the business at our own pace without having to absorb crushing start up costs and overhead. Thanks to all the team at Chefs Center for everything they did for us!

Where to begin? We started our venture in the food and hospitality industry in 2009. With no money, no formal training, no equipment, or tools, we had to research and tap in to the resources that would help guide us along the way. Chefs Center and the staff gave us the opportunity to learn how to really utilize and respect a commercial kitchen. Since then, we have transitioned into a local restaurant in Echo Park, and have tried to maximize our equipment and layout based off of the experience with the staff and the wonderful Chefs Center.

I would like to thank the staff at Chefs Center for starting me on the path to success. They are great to work with and very helpful. The Chefs Center is a great place to cook all your food products. My business, Ring Sting Hot Sauce, started in 2007. I was one of the first few people to cook at the Chefs Center. I work in the film business on movies, commercials and tv shows and sell my sauce to craft service and people on set. I have also sold to a few restaurants over the years. All the best, Mike Simko.

Foodflo would like to extend a big Thank You to Chefs Center of California. We started our meal delivery service company in 2010 and Chefs Center was the spring board to propel us forward. Chefs Center’s staff helped us get our production of Raw Nutrition Bars going and provided us with the educational information and peer connections we needed to tackle the creative and business side of a food service company.We are now a fully operational meal delivery service business offering a weekly vegan and alkaline meal delivery service. We serve customers in CA, NV and AZ. We look forward to further cooperation and partnership with Chefs Center. Our gratitude is vast and beyond words. Long live Chefs Center! May we all thrive and eat well!

Thank you Chefs Center Pasadena for giving Mickey’s Momma’s BBQ our start. We came to you with an idea and it has become a reality. We have so many events to be thankful for. We were recently invited to cater the Felipe Fuentes Councilman 8th district inauguration (phenomenal). We were a part of the Aids Cycle Ride this year and served over 400 guests. We were a featured vendor at the Central Ave Jazz Festival and will be featured this year again at the Sylmar Olive Festival. We are busy!!! This year we are looking to a copartner with Mama’s Café in San Francisco and we got our first 2 stores to carry our sauce. The future looks bright and with the knowledge and mentoring provided by the Chefs Center, we feel that the we are only a year or so away from making our dreams come true. Thanks to the Chefs Center’s staff.

Unified Nutrimeals started in 2008. When our central kitchen was being remodeled, Chefs Center came through for us. We were able to prepare and distribute over 1,000 meals daily from Chefs Center. Now, back in our own facility, we have 70 employees and are preparing 7,000 meals a day. Thank you Chefs Center for helping us through a difficult time and allowing us to continue operating and even grow!